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Blute Technologies provide customize, industry-specific and end-to-end enterprise software solutions and mobile app for media and entertainment companies from broadcasting and online gaming to publishing and content processing through secure networked workflow solutions that enable them to share, manage and improve production processes in a very highly effective manner.

The media and entertainment industry today is a vast industry that grows daily at an exponential rate and are reimagining their business models amid the emergence of disruptive technologies and changing consumer behavior. Consumers can now choose from a wide variety of Media and entertainment solutions, accessible over multiple devices and seek interactive engagement & experiences with their favorite content, artists, networks and brands. With the existing business models being challenged on a daily basis by new competitors, there is a constant necessity to look out for innovative solutions.

The increasing use of Internet and mobile services has forced the industry to not only move towards digitization of services, products and distribution channels but also put them under pressure to reduce costs and come up with innovative and differentiated offerings. The recent success of various online media and entertainment delivery channels has forced the industry players to re-strategize the whole digitization of the contents.

Blute Technologies caters to all phases of the content life cycle in distribution, broadcasting, production, building new delivery platforms, or simply reshaping media and entertainment enterprise and we take pride in serving them by providing secure networked workflow solutions that enable them to share, manage and improve production processes in a very highly efficient manner.

The global media and entertainment market to touch US$2.4 trillion by 2022 and climbing steadily but the digital shift represents a sizable challenge for the industry at large. Blute Technologies understands that the requirements of entertainment and media are not always the same as other industries. Our team knows how to maneuver through the shifting and always-on media and entertainment landscape.

  • Retain user engagement through high-performing solutions. Don’t lose another customer to buffering.
  • Leverage evolving content distribution channels to your advantage and go where your audience is.
  • Catalogue and secure your content effectively while allowing users to share quickly and seamlessly.
  • Build quality entertainment products to engage users on the go.

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