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Blute Technologies offers a complete range of services across the entire lifecycle of Smart and Integrated Oracle Business Solutions. Oracle‘s fully-developed Enterprise Business Suite of applications enables organizations to achieve high performance at reduced costs even in the most complex business environments. Oracle’s Enterprise Business Suite benefits organizations by creating new application functionalities and expanding existing capabilities to suit modern businesses. Blute Technologies has expertise in providing end-to-end, high quality and cost-effective services that will drive up your business value, improve end-user productivity and ensure better operational control.


Enterprise applications are critically important to the running of any enterprise – they are the lifeblood of the business. The journey in the enterprises area not only involves investment in new technology but also meticulous planning and precise migration, as well as integration of existing systems with new applications. It also includes the maintenance of systems, following the migration and integration. As Oracle experts, Blute Technologies helps clients to realize measurable business value from their investments through our offerings in the areas of Oracle Enterprise Business Solutions and Oracle Technologies.

Blute Technologies has expertise in Oracle E-Business Suite, Cloud Applications, Oracle PeopleSoft ERP, and Oracle JD Edwards ERP and provides end-to-end, high quality and cost-effective services that will drive up your business value, improve end-user productivity and ensure better operational control.

Blute Technologies provides complete services based on the full suite of Oracle Enterprise Business Applications. Blute Technologies helps its customers with CEMLI, vanilla implementations, re-implementation, upgrades, rollouts, support and maintenance of Oracle applications. Our capabilities will help you drive your operational processes smoothly by providing efficient and effective business solutions.

Oracle Consulting

Blute Technologies Oracle Consulting capability helps you protect your existing investment, extend the value of your applications, and progress to the next generation of your Oracle Enterprise Business Suite applications. Our robust approach includes assessing current business systems, gathering knowledge from user communities, identifying pain/challenge areas, and benchmarking processes against best-in-class organizations and finally offering best suited solution.

Oracle Implementation

Blute Technologies implementation approach will provide you a thorough analysis of your systems, processes, requirements, products and goals. We come up with the right solutions that will manifest in each of your offerings. Blute Technologies leverages its current capacity and capabilities from the relevant Oracle Practices such as ERP, CRM, SCM, HCM, EPM, SOA, IDM and BI and helps its clients to transform their business objectives for achieving better efficiency.

Oracle Technologies

Blute Technologies provides services for application from designing and architecting new database systems to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Oracle systems. We do remote monitoring of the Oracle database, Oracle application server, and Oracle support Applications which allows us to collect and provide automated analysis of all Oracle database statistics, on a predetermined schedule or as-needed basis.

Oracle Managed Services

Blute Technologies managed services are designed keeping in mind not just your current requirements but your future capabilities as well. The seamless execution of on-premise or cloud implementation is critical, but it does not necessarily ensure long-term success. We believe in extending services far beyond deployment with Oracle managed services designed to help your organization realize the maximum return on your investment.


The Oracle Unified Method (OUM) is an iterative methodology it follows best practices in Project Management based on CEMLI framework. An iterative approach accepts requirements change by building processes into the project that allow for refining requirements. AIM (Applications Implementation Methodology) is documenting structure introduced by Oracle Corporation which is used throughout the life cycle of a RICE component object. Process in AIM methodology includes approval to develop, functional design specification, technical design specification, coding, testing and implementation.

The Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) is a proven approach for implementation of Oracle Applications across business domains It comprises a set of well-defined processes that can be managed in several ways to guide you through an application implementation project. AIM provides the tools needed to effectively and efficiently plan, conduct, and control project steps to successfully implement business solutions. AIM defines business needs at the beginning of the project and maintains their visibility throughout the implementation. It defines internal, external, and time sensitive business events and maps each event to the responding business and system processes. Using this method, the client gains an accurate understanding of the business requirements that need to be focused on during the course of the implementation.

The Oracle Unified Method (OUM) is Oracle's standards-based method that enables the entire Enterprise Information Technology (IT) lifecycle. OUM provides an implementation approach that is rapid, broadly adaptive, and business-focused. OUM includes a comprehensive project and program management framework and materials to support Oracle's growing focus on enterprise-level IT strategy, architecture, and governance. Oracle's Global Methods team has packaged OUM to accelerate the IT projects. OUM presents an organized, yet flexible, approach. Its defined, operational framework helps anticipate critical project needs and dependencies. With OUM, one can move efficiently through the IT lifecycle to quickly achieve measurable business results.

  • Project Design / Inception

    • Plan Project
    • Conduct Kick-off Meeting
    • Schedule Workshops
    • Conduct Functional Design Workshops
    • Conduct Technical Design Workshops
    • Conduct Design Review
    • Develop and Plan Security and Validation Strategies
    • Conduct Implementation Checkpoint
    • Sign Off – Document all the steps at the end of phase and signed off with the client
  • Configure / Elaboration

    • Setup Applications
    • Validate Configuration
    • Load and Validate Data
    • Build and Validate Integrations
    • Apply and Validate Extensions and Extensible Items
    • Implement Security
    • Prepare Cutover Strategy
    • Conduct Implementation Checkpoint
    • Sign Off – Get the sign off from the client on all the documents created during the phase
  • Validate / Construction

    • Update Setups
    • Prepare Validation Scripts
    • Load and Validate Data
    • Conduct End to End Review
    • Prepare for Training
    • Conduct Train-the-Trainer Workshops
    • Conduct Implementation Checkpoint
    • Sign Off – Get the sign off from the client on all the documents created during the phase
  • Trasition

    • Migrate Configuration to Production
    • Migrate Integrations and Extensions to Production
    • Load, Reconcile and Validate Data in Production
    • Conduct Final Validation Review
    • Verify Production and Operational Readiness
    • Begin Production Use
    • Conduct Implementation Checkpoint
    • Sign Off – Get the sign off from the client on all the documents created during the phase
  • Realization

    • Manage Transition to Steady State Operations
    • Post Go Live Support
    • Handoff to Customer Relationship Manager
    • Gain Acceptance
    • Close Project

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