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Blute Technologies offers custom telecommunications software, including Operations Support Systems (OSS), Business Support Systems (BSS), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), network management applications, contact and call center software, web and video conferencing platforms, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Industries such as telecommunication and IT are now facing quick obsolescence due to permanently developing and evolving technologies. It is crucial for telecom and IT corporations to reevaluate their strategies and ideally apply advanced technologies in order to capture a competitive position amongst manifold companies operating in the telecommunication market. Victory in nowadays IT and telecom environment demands companies to advocate their primary activities therewith pursuing innovations and bettering operational efficiency.

Implement efficient end-to-end processes throughout your value chain and get better control over your organization. Blute Technologies Telecom ERP will help you meet your customers expectations, your own needs and be technologically ready for the future. Our ERP solution includes modules such as: CRM, Supply Chain Management, Batch Invoicing, Customer Support, Payment, Asset Management and many more.

  • Customer module is a specific set which presupposes the data about clients, their credit history, purchases and any kind of personal information.
  • Customer billing system helps to make all customers financial information easy to access and analyze.
  • Asset management system helps the workers maintain efficiently all the assets and ensure required availability within the given budgets.
  • Resource scheduling system is a tool that allows maximize productivity at the same time maintaining high levels of customer service.
  • Service parts planning program effectively manages required products while minimizes costs and inventory.
  • Customer management program assists to improve the level of customer satisfaction and deliver it to required quality if needed.
  • Finance and regulatory system provides agile and accurate operational and financial decision support as well as analysis and financial functionality reports for various cost centers and departments.
  • Sales and distribution module implements functions of order scheduling and placement, invoicing and shipping. It is tightly interconnected with the companies’ e-commerce web sites.
  • Total quality management system monitors not only quality with the help of management plans in purchasing and servicing but also if you need a quick review it can provide you with real-time process opportunity index.
  • Human resource management system is a set of integrated functions that streamlines HR operations by abbreviating time-consuming administrative tasks and decreasing costs by involving self-service applications.

ERP systems are being worked out for the people who exceedingly wish their telecommunications business expand quickly and with no trouble and who want to remain on top and keep up with revolutionary technologies and maintain good relationships with clients. Here you can find a number of benefits you can get while using ERP system:

  • Real time integration throughout the whole company
  • Deep performance and financial visibility
  • Careful management of regulatory compliance risk
  • Deployment of new operational and technological models
  • Increase in revenues from products and services
  • More effective management of existing asset base and careful planning of new asset investments.
  • Implement efficient end-to-end processes throughout your value chain and get a better control over your organization.
  • Practice best benchmark features of your industry including CRM, supply chain management, batch invoicing, customer support, payment, asset management and many more.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive solution made for all telecommunication enterprises including fixed or mobile communication, internet, applications or infrastructure services.
  • Meet your customer expectations, your own needs and be technologically ready for the future.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction by visibly increasing service level using technological advancement.
  • Use the web to improve collaboration within your company and with your partners.
  • Manage customer relationships more effectively, increasing loyalty and exploiting new opportunities.
  • Empower your employees with customizable, role based functions.
  • Improve decision-making capabilities by converting information to knowledge.

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