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Blute Technologies provide flexible, standards-based solution that combines software programmability, real-time processing, hardware optimization and any-to-any connectivity with the security and safety needed for Industrial IoT systems. The solution enables to collect, aggregate, and analyze data from sensors to maximize the efficiency of machines and the throughput of an entire operation. Applications include motion control, machine-to-machine, predictive maintenance, smart energy and smart grid, big data analytics, and smart and connected medical systems.

Our Area of Expertise

  • IoT Ecosystem Development
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Sensors Data Collection
  • End-to-end Security
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Blockchain Integration
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Our Area of Focus

Predictive hardware maintenance Icon

Predictive hardware maintenance

Smart metering & smart grids Icon

Smart metering & smart grids

Industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning Icon

Industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Freight, cargo and goods transportation tracking Icon

Freight, cargo and goods transportation tracking

Asset tracking & smart logistics Icon

Asset tracking & smart logistics

Gas, temperature, and ozone monitoring Icon

Gas, temperature, and ozone monitoring

Smart warehousing Icon

Smart warehousing

Smart farming & livestock monitoring Icon

Smart farming & livestock monitoring

Safety and health monitoring systems Icon

Safety and health monitoring systems

Connected logistics platforms Icon

Connected logistics platforms

Energy consumption optimization Icon

Energy consumption optimization

Asset performance management Icon

Asset performance management

Our Clients

Our Solutions

Smart Bins

An IoT based smart bins management solution with sensors, RFID, remote monitoring, tracking, delivery system, and integration with a wide range of devices for efficient waste collection in smart cities.

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Smart Energy

An IoT based smart energy system is a cost efficient, practical, eco-friendly and the safest way to save energy. It consists of IR sensors, LDRs, microcontroller, relays, transmitters, receivers and Wifi Modules linked each other over wireless media.

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Smart Building

An IoT based Smart Building Solution automates lighting control, air conditioning (HVAC), heating and access control operation to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and make the building easier to operate.

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Industrial IoT Use Cases

Smart Hotel System Icon

Smart Hotel System

Smart room solution with tablet app for hotel chains

  • Custom Android tablet app that adapts to suite type
  • Guests can control all amenities and guest services
  • All essential information for guests, including flight schedule
  • Turnkey solution for the entire hotel
  • Designed to drive sales of guest services
Equipment Fault Prediction and Maintenance Icon

Equipment Fault Prediction and Maintenance

Industrial Equipment sensors data collection and management platform for Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance

  • High Frequency optimized ingestion pipeline from multitude of sensors on industrial equipment
  • IoT Gateway integration with Cloud IoT
  • Big Data for telemetry data processing
  • Data Streaming real-time decisions
  • Extensible solution for predictive machine learning like Fault detection and proactive maintenance
Materials Tracking Icon

Materials Tracking

Industrial Assets location and movement tracking for Supply Chain and ERP

  • Manual Materials tracking (Containers or Items) with Barcodes scans
  • Automatic Materials tracking with RFID and BLE
  • Tracking for movement, history and location proof
  • Solution for Medical industry, Industrial Warehouse Supply Chain

IoT Platforms & Technologies

Android Things Icon

Android Things

AWS IoT Icon


Google Cloud IoT Icon

Google Cloud IoT

Embedded Linux Icon

Embedded Linux

Android Firmware Icon

Android Firmware

Android Auto Icon

Android Auto

WearOS Icon


Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Icon

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Samsung ARTIK Icon

Samsung ARTIK

PubNub Icon


Riot OS Icon

Riot OS

zephyr Icon


Contiki OS Icon

Contiki OS

Free RTOS Icon


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