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Blute Technologies deliver innovative and flexible enterprise solutions utlizing latest technologies that simplify workflow across numerous real estate functions. This includes software solutions for property management, property maintenance, property investment, foreclosure management, rent management applications, and facility management among many others. Our team of experts has experience in creating ERP and CRM solutions to help you manage sales leads, track reliable sales data, foster client engagement, and optimize your services for prospect and clients.

Blute Technologies offers exceptional software solutions for streamlining the residential, commercial, valuation, and other related services of the real estate companies. Our responsive mobile apps and portals help real estate professionals to generate leads and enhance ROI. Our expertise in project management coupled with in-depth knowledge of the domain enable us to assist real estate companies across all phases in the value chain- starting with pre-construction planning to post-construction sales. Our IT solutions are developed to enable real estate companies to capitalize the power of cloud computing, mobile technology, mixed reality, Internet of Things, and wearable technology.

At Blute Technologies, we understand the complex and wide-ranging business requirements of real estate brokers, property developers, and property managers. Our team of experts have experience of creating bespoke ERP and CRM solutions and they know exactly how to address the industry’s unique business challenges.

  • Build integrated CRM tools with centralized sales data to be accessed across multiple platforms.
  • Develop intuitive ERP solutions to manage billing, reports, contracts, property rental data, and real estate sales. Cut overhead and make smarter business decisions.
  • Plan strategically by evaluating project cost and feasibility and monitor property availability.
  • Secure your data to meet the strict regulatory standards of the real estate and property business.
  • Foster client engagement and optimize your services to prospects and clients.

Our Solutions

Keep the property market under your thumb

Real estate businesses have started evolving as a result of their mobile app solutions, which help them build a dynamic customer base and aid their customers with ease and be in communication always.

Mobile App in Making Digital Marketing

Manage your sales and marketing efforts by coordinating leads, follow-ups, contacts and client requests.You can also sync your tasks and calendar, and set up mail templates

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Achieving organizational excellence

Real Estate ERP is a integrated web-based software solution to automate all critical business processes, and help real estate developers and builders accelerate information about the business.

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