Extended RealityAugmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Solution

Augmented (AR), Mixed (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions are capable of changing the way people interact and perceive the world, bringing user experience to a whole new level. When applied to business, they reshape industrial processes, improve overall efficiency by increasing the perception of the surrounding environment, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Throughout your AR, VR and MR journey, we work to understand your challenges, define the problem, ideate solutions, build storyboards and perform tests accordingly.​​​

A New Dimension of Your Business

A New Dimension of Operations

From healthcare to construction, use AR to literally walk through the smallest details of your operations, and make them more efficient and accurate.

A New Dimension of User Experience

Bring emotion-invoking AR experiences to your customers, and make your brand linger for a very long time.

A New Dimension of Manufacturing

AR allows more creativity, better collaboration, and utmost precision compared to the traditional manufacturing process.

A New Dimension of Productivity

Refresh the enterprise experience for your employees with AR training, monitoring, and meetings, improving the overall enterprise productivity.

Leverage our capabilities

  • Object tracking
  • Object and pattern recognition
  • Localization and mapping
  • Face detection, tracking, and recognition
  • Style transfer in photos and video

Enabling Hardware


Mobile App


Motion Controllers

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A New Dimension for Operations

Employ AR to get insightful perspectives into your operations and significantly increase their accuracy and efficiency. Use AR in healthcare to analyse high resolution image scans and 3D models in greater detail. Review and browse construction models in real scale as you walk through them for the most spot-on results.

  • 3D modelling in AR
  • 3D image visualisation in AR
  • Enterprise augmented reality apps
  • Model and image AR reviews
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A New Dimension for Manufacturing

Use AR to transform your manufacturing process. Elevate engineering efficiency and precision, encourage creative solutions, and cut manufacturing costs by allowing your engineers to develop prototypes in mixed reality. Let them leave comments and put other context in AR, so their colleagues could review them later. Use the headsets in successive production stages for more spot-on adjustments — until your creation is perfected.

  • 3D prototyping in Mixed Reality
  • BIM model visualisation in AR
  • Prototype reviews in AR
  • Engineer training in AR
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A New Dimension for Customer Experience

Animate your customer experience with AR, giving new emotions and a brand new level of comfort to your customers. Guide your real estate clients through real scale interactive properties to save their time. Build breathtaking AR installations in your marketing initiatives to let your brand linger in the customer's’ memory and increase engagement. AR will improve your customer experience even on the smallest levels, as you can add features like AR effects and custom camera lenses to your mobile app.

  • Marketing-focused 3D models
  • Augmented reality installations
  • Custom AR app features
  • AR games and apps
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A New Dimension for Productivity

Implement AR solutions in your enterprise environment to increase enterprise productivity and boost employee commitment through gamification. Create AR training software that simulates work and office scenarios to give a better perspective of the job position and the office code of conduct. Arrange AR meetings with employees from business locations all over the world. Use AR in educational establishments and initiatives to let your students experience any remote location. Leverage augmented reality in sports for real-time visualisation of in-game performance.

  • AR enterprise training software
  • AR video meetings
  • Education-focused AR experiences
  • Real-time athlete performance visualisation

Our Solutions

Extended Service Maintenance

AR, MR and VR, addresses real-time, on site, step-by-step resolution procedure that act as instruction to simplify execution of tasks such as assembly, machine operation and repair thereby minimize mistake, boost productivity and reduce downtime

Extended Training

Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality address real-time training to users located anywhere in the world, allowing workers to perform complex tasks on their preferred device without longish and expensive conventional coaching.

Extended Modeling

AR, MR and VR solution provides an unmatched level of real-world proportion, scale, form, and perspective, makes it easy to deal with designs, concepts and structure, facilitating quick decision-making and brings transparency across the entire construction project.

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