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Blute Technologies offers comprehensive platform to manage all the field sales operation, accelerates the decision making, organizes the field operations to create better outcomes and helps to track and manage the different sales process associated with the on-field sales such as schedule meetings, location map, meetings reporting, customer follow-ups, alerts and notications, field sales tracking, etc.


A Field sale is one of the oldest professions and one that hasn’t been phased out despite centuries of technological innovations. There’s something irreplaceable about human interaction, and a computer or app will never be able to provide the personal touch that a good salesperson can.

That doesn’t mean, however, that sales people shouldn’t be using technology to their benefit. Whether it’s pipeline management, appointment scheduling, or GPS navigation, there are a lot of field sales management software tools out there that can help drive bigger and bigger returns on all the effort which are putting in.

The fundamental idea that triggered the development of a Field Sales Mobile App is the fact that Sales Teams that work on the field with representatives having to visit various customer locations needed a huge helping hand. Field Sales App eases the numerous challenges field sales teams have to deal with regularly that prevents them from achieving high productivity and successful sales. Here are the major challenges faced by sales teams on the field:

  • Tracking Field and Sales Representatives: Traditional Field Sales seriously lacked a medium that enabled field managers to learn the whereabouts of agents on the job. While representatives literally had a field day, managers struggled to learn updates about meetings attended by each agent. Field Sales was crippled without this functionality and chaos ensued on the field resulting in fewer successful sales. With no means to monitor agents, field team managers couldn’t harness their capabilities to the highest potential.
  • Communication Block in several spheres: In the absence of a regulated Field System, communication problems existed on several grounds. Without a smooth channel of communication between field members, disconnect was experienced within the team as agents were in the dark regarding each other’s progress. Field Team members as well as sales managers had to rely on multiple channels of communication like frequent calls and messages which turned out to be quite a cumbersome process.
  • Disorganized Data and Activity: Previously, Field Sales Data wasn’t organized and field activity tools weren’t made available on one place that was accessible to team members as they went about their duties on the field. Unavailability of relevant data on the field led to confusion and lack of clear insight among team members. Field Managers knew that assigning activities to field team members was a daunting task without an efficient system to smoothen things out.
  • Create a more Organized and Simplified Field Sales Workflow: Managing day-to-day field sales operations requires careful planning and organizing of the multiple prospect opportunities. Sales Management App helps to create, manage and optimize a streamlined workflow for the field teams. The Sales Management App helps to assuredly cover and convert the on-field sales meetings into paying customers.
  • Smarter Field Sales Management for modern sales teams: A modern sales team needs to be closely collaborative and easily communicable. Sales Management App enables to effectively manage prospect interactions and customer data. The Sales Management App enables the sales mobility feature – entire sales vertical remains connected and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Blute Technologies offers Field Sales Mobile App, a comprehensive platform to manage the complete process of field sales operation. The system accelerates the decision making and organizes the field operations to create better outcomes.

The key features of Field Sales Mobile App are:

  • Allocate and assign daily meetings
  • Assign customer contacts for follow-up
  • Access and manage multiple customer touch points on mobile
  • Collect, share and send customer data across teams
  • Helps to take meaningful customer decisions
  • The field tracking helps to map-out the position of each sales rep on duty
  • The field sales automation helps to track whether all the assigned meetings are fulfilled
  • The inbuilt hierarchy helps to collect up-to-date field sales reports of performing sales teams
  • The field sales activity tracker helps to track the progress of individual members or overall team
  • The sales activity tracker tracks the progress of individual deals by each sales rep
  • It consolidates all the deal closures under a single field in the field sales app
  • The GPS-enabled sales rep tracking system informs about the latest position of the sales rep
  • The sales rep tracking system can easily sign-into new sales meeting
  • Receive daily field sales reports on the field sales mobile app

Key Features

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Key Functionalities

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Field sales app enables you to effectively manage day-to-day field sales operations, daily planning and organizing multiple prospects interactions and enables your entire field sales team remains connected and accessible from anywhere, anytime. It also helps you to create, manage and optimize a streamlined workflow for your field sales teams. Some of the key features are:

  • Allocate and assign daily customer meetings
  • Assign and follow-up on customer contacts
  • Push notification and reminders to about customer follow-ups
  • Access and manage multiple customer touch points
  • Collect, share and send customer data across teams
  • Mark and Approve attendances from anywhere
  • Authentication using fingerprint scanning
  • Customer visit history
  • Daily planner of field sales team
  • Track field movement of field sales team
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Dashboards provides sales operations teams with a clear picture into what’s happening in the field with the field sales mobile app and know which activities drive the best outcomes and fix the ones that are broken. It also provides real time insights with up-to-date information and critical facts and figures that identify exactly where each individual team member needs assistance in your sales process.

  • Field Sales Team Insights
  • Measure performance of Field Sales Team
  • Real-time metrics for the Field Sales Team visibility
  • Robust analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Best performing territories to maximize team efficiency
  • Sales Funnel Information
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Field sales mobile app provides task assignment feature and empowers users to create appointments and assign tasks right in the calendar tool for field sales reps and check their busy and available times to assign the task. Field sales reps can view their daily tasks right on the calendar screen and plans accordingly.

  • Assigning and scheduling a task
  • Send the task details to field sales rep calendar
  • Send the email to customer meeting schedule
  • Find the free time of field sales rep
  • Push notification and reminders to perform tasks
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Field sales mobile app enables powerful field sales team tracking to keep you in real-time with your field sales team out in the field. Our location tracking tool tags each field sales reps’ location as pins are dropped. This will fully empower you to hold your reps accountable without being overly controlling and know for a fact that your reps were at the desired location. This allows you to schedule to plan which territories to hit next, effectively schedule your sales team and strategize for future successes.

  • Location – track field sales reps to know where they are
  • Status – know the result of schedule with customer
  • User – identify specific email address of field sales rep
  • Date and time stamped data – know the exact day and time a pin is dropped.
  • “Map It” – see exactly where a pin was dropped vs device was pinging

Technologies Used

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Key Benefits

We’re entering a new world of sales enablement wherein most organizations are arming their sales reps with the latest smartphone gadgets like mobiles and tablets. Just arming your sales representative with the latest smartphone will not be enough, the sales enablement solution has to be just as latest.

On-field employee tracking has become a significant necessity for any business that employs sales or service people. A best field sales mobile app allows a business manager to stay update about employee schedule and distance traveled for a day.

The field sales mobile app automate and digitize your field sales operations with our enterprise-grade, on-premise and custom-built field sales management and sales rep tracking solution. The key benefits of our field sales mobile solution are:

  • The field sales mobile app helps you take meaningful customer decisions
  • The field sales mobile app lets you map-out the position of each sales rep on duty.
  • The field sales mobile app can improve the workflow of your field operations.
  • The field sales automation lets you track whether all the assigned meetings are fulfilled.
  • The inbuilt hierarchy lets you collect up-to-date field sales reports of performing sales teams.
  • The field sales mobile app lets you track the progress of individual members or overall team.
  • The field sales mobile app allows your field sales team to remotely mark their attendance from anywhere, anytime.
  • GPS-based location tracking and time stamping conveys the location of your field sales team at any point of time.
  • The concerned field sales rep can view the daily meetings assigned on the particular day and they can also update the minutes of the meeting and verification of all the assigned meetings are met based on the easy check-in and check-out at the customer’s location.
  • The GPS tracking allows each field representative’s real-time location to be mapped on the system with accurate time stamps..
  • New customer information, product enquiries and orders can be entered by your representatives while they are at the customer’s location.
  • View the real-time status of all pending tasks against each customer, such as order delivery and pending payments, through your mobile sales app

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