Hotel Guest Mobile AppMobile Self-Service: The Latest in Customer Service

Blute Technologies offer Hotel Guest Mobile App, an integrated guest experience platform provides your guests with all the essential features, combines the functionality of a smartphone powered with your own app, hotel in-room services, city travel guide and useful information right on their fingertips. In addition, app will attract guest to all the amenities and services offered by your hotel, highlight hotel's brand, provide convenience and build long term loyalty among your guests.


It’s no secret modern-day travellers are becoming more accustomed to hyper-personalised and streamlined service from their hotels. In fact, if the hotel is going to deliver on its promise of quality, your guests expect a personalised and convenient experience.

Hotels can adapt to this growing need by prioritising data, technology, and connectivity. It’s important to know what guests want, and also how to provide the appropriate services through hotel systems and applications. The tradition of limiting service and interaction to just your hotel staff and physical property is being outgrown by the ability of technology to automate and make many processes easier for guests.

Where travellers once expected to be greeted by a front desk operator, they might now prefer the self-service experience that mobile check-in offers. Given the average person wastes an hour each week waiting in line, it’s no surprise that self-service is catching on.

It’s not about eliminating face-to-face interaction with staff – many guests prefer to deal with people rather than a device. But conversely, the self-service model is something that people increasingly prefer. It’s permeating virtually every industry, particularly hospitality and other customer service oriented industries.

The self-service approach allows staff to be less transactional and focus on establishing genuine connections with guests. With technology in place, hotel employees will no longer be confined to stationary positions within the lobby or left to guess what guest expectations might be.

Blute Technologies offer Hotel Guest Mobile App, an integrated Guest experience platform provides your guests with all the essential features such as hotel information, photo gallery, services and amenities, discounts and special offers, city guide, online booking, points of interest, express check-in, check-out, billing and payment, inspection process, weather, news and flights, location map, and it is available to your guest with all the essential information right on their fingertips.

This model can be beneficial from both a customer and operational standpoint. At the click of a button, guests can book services, make reservations, and customize their hotel stay. As an ancillary benefit, this mitigates operational bottlenecks, reduces wait times, enhances customer service, and helps reduce staff workloads.

Mobile apps can facilitate a self-service model for guests that prefer that type of interaction. The following are some of the features where customers can use a mobile app in a convenient self-service capacity:

  • Reservations for dinner at resort restaurants
  • Booking massages, spa appointments, etc.
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, and other upgrade services
  • Request car from valet
  • Order room service
  • Check in and check out
  • Ordering drinks, towels, etc. via GPS & beacons
  • Pay for accommodations and services

Key Features

Hotel Group Icon

Hotel Group

Hotel Information Icon

Hotel Information

Rooms Icon


Service and Amenities Icon

Service and Amenities

Photo Galley Icon

Photo Gallery

Discounts Promotions and Special Offers Icon

Discounts, Promotions and Special Offers

Online Booking Icon

Online Booking

Express Checkin Icon

Express Check In

Room Key Icon

Room Key

Food and Beverages Icon

Food and Beverages

Room Service Icon

Room Service

Media and Entertainment Icon

Media and Entertainment

City Guide Icon

City Guide

Point of Interest Icon

Point of Interest

Way to Hotel Icon

Way To Hotel

Chat with Frontdesk Icon

Chat with Frontdesk

Notification Icon


Weather, News and Flights Icon

Weather, News and Flights

Room Inspection Icon

Room Inspection

Express Checkout, Billing and Payment Icon

Express Checkout, Billing and Payment

Feedback Icon


My Account Icon

My Account

Personalization Icon


Loyalty Program Icon

Loyalty Program

Key Functionalities

Hotel Information Icon


This showcase all the information related to your hotel which your guests can access directly from the app with the use of texts and images.

  • Contacts
  • Photo Gallery
  • Description
  • Rooms and Prices
  • Hotel Location with Map
  • Guest Feedback
  • Facilities
  • Social Media Pages
  • Booking Information
Services and Amenities Icon


This app helps to manage services and amenities from a single panel. This also highlights the most prominent services and amenities which are famous among your guests which are available at the hotel with high resolution pictures and display timings of services offered.

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hotel Conference Rooms
  • Recreation Centre
  • Spa and Wellness
  • Swimming Pools
  • Car & ATV rental
  • Excursions
  • Transfers
  • Secretarial services
Discounts, Promotions and Special Offers Icon


This app is useful to advertise and promote your discounts, loyalty programs, and special offers. This also highlights the best promotions your hotel has to offer for various services leading to higher revenues.

  • Special Honeymoon Suite
  • Special Weekend Package
  • Special Business Package
  • Permanent Guest Tariff
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Long Stay
  • Hot offers
  • Special promotions for mobile bookings
  • Discounts on Hotel Facilities
  • Special Prized Tickets to local events
Online Booking and Ordering Icon


This app provides your guests with complete branded experience where they can book directly with the hotel right from their smart phones.

  • Real-time booking - anywhere, anytime
  • Interfaced with PMS
  • Complete with Brands look and feel
  • Flawless booking experience
  • Room Reservations
  • In-Room Dining
  • Flowers delivery
  • Concierge service
  • Tickets delivery
  • Taxi services
  • Alarm service

Technologies Used

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Angular Icon


Cassandra Icon


Docker Icon


Elastic Search Icon

Elastic Search

Hadoop Icon


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Ionic Icon


iOS Icon


Java Icon


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Key Benefits

The hospitality industry has gone through a sea change and it caters to millions of tourists and travelers around the globe. If you are into hotel industry, you will be aware that the competition level has exceeded to a much higher degree.

Through hotel mobile app, it is benefiting both the tourist as well as your business. This is one place where the user can get all information under one roof and as such he does not have to consult any other site.

Guests are looking for convenience at their fingertips. The significance of mobile hotel apps has grown rapidly in the recent times with more and more hotels turning to them. Here are the details of few benefits:

  • Greater convenience: Increasingly tech-savvy hotel guests want easy access to information and an instant response to requests that only an app can provide.
  • Enhances the Reservation Experience: Provides customer with simplified and enhanced the experience of pre-reservation of the hotel rooms and allows them to search for the rooms according to his convenience and budget after seeing the walkthrough of the room.
  • Establish the communication to create personal connect: Establishes a direct connection between the guests and the hotel, enable your guest to open the mobile hotel app at the time of check-in to the hotel and provides notifications in seconds with information related to room check-in, welcome message, booking details, places to visit, and more. This app allows the guest to use their smartphone to get direct access to the room without the need to stop by at the front desk and allows your hotel staff to connect with guests directly and manage requests smoothly.
  • Help with real-time communication: Provide robust multi-channel communication tool for you to send direct push notifications, keeps guests updated about the offers, deals, and more, and helps guests seeking to upgrade rooms or book an additional one and place their requests, order food and do much more.
  • Get engaged with guests better: Technology here is useful to engage guests, serve them better and ensure they remain loyal to your hotel with a focus on driving direct bookings, and repeat business and offer instant loyalty program rewards.
  • Boost efficiency of staff: This will be the perfect tool to help you to find out pending guest requests that need immediate action and helps your staff to carry out requests, keep an eye on the administration, review bookings, check point-of-sale billings, and carry out a host of tasks via a central dashboard which enable your staff to increase their productivity.
  • Empower you with detailed analytics: Gain valuable data and insights regarding customer behavior, to get quick access to detailed reports, helps to speed up your hotel operations with detailed view of hotel position and use the analytics to create individualized guest experiences, understand what guests want, where you need to improve, your peak seasons, and more.
  • Language adoption: International travelers are provided the option to choose preferred language to create a positive impact and ease them from issues when they travel to regions whose language is unknown to them. This feature can act as a USP for your guest to book a room at your property for the next visit.
  • Enhanced amenities: Enrich guests stay by providing the location-specific information right from your app about detailed guide on their destination city which includes the tourist spots, local weather forecasts, map to give proper direction to local attractions, best restaurants, shopping places, point of interest, and so on.
  • Getting Guests Reviews and Feedback: It is extremely essential to get customer reviews at the end of the day and seek guest’s feedback to find out whether they are satisfied with your services and stay at the hotel. This gives you a window to improve your hotel’s performance.

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