Mobile WalletMobile Wallet Solution for Accelarating Financial Inclusion

Blute Technologies offers Mobile wallet platform with full-fledged features but some of the key features are user registration, bank account (or credit card) authorization, add and check account balance, funds transfer and transfer receipt (send and receive), make payment for bills, opportunity to use offers (discount coupons, cash back), etc.


The business-consumer relationship is swiftly becoming digital. From e-commerce platforms to robo-advisors, businesses are transforming the way they operate to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients and the increasing use of mobile phones and devices. Companies in the financial sector are emerging that offer digital platforms and solutions and recognized as members of the Fintech sector. These emerging companies create disruptive tools and services that are easily accessible at a low cost. One area of the financial industry that is rife with innovations is the payments sector. Using mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets or smartwatches, companies and users are adapting to online and offline transactions using devices such as a mobile wallet.

The mobile wallet is an app that can be installed on a smartphone or it is an existing built-in feature of a smartphone. A mobile wallet stores credit card, debit card, coupons, or reward cards information. Once the app is installed and the user inputs payment information, the wallet stores this information by linking a personal identification format such as a number or key, QR code or an image of the owner to each card that is stored.

When a user makes a payment to a merchant, the mobile app uses a technology called near-field communication (NFC), which uses radio frequencies to communicate between devices. NFC uses the personal identification format created for the user to communicate the payment information to the merchant’s POS (point-of-service) terminal. The information transfer is usually triggered when the user waves or holds an NFC-enabled mobile device over the store’s NFC reader.

Not all smartphones or mobile devices are equipped with NFC technology, including the iPhone device. For iPhone users, there are alternative ways to use their mobile wallets to make in-store payments. Some mobile wallet allows users to make payments using their mobile phone numbers during checkout and other mobile wallets use other personal features identifiable to the user. The mobile wallet also uses QR codes which can be scanned at the checkout and some used the image of the user which could be easily verified by the teller or attendant.

Fraudulent activities, such as identity theft, are harder to initiate with mobile wallets. While a user’s credit card can easily be stolen or duplicated, smartphones are not that easy to steal. A smartphone that is stolen may be hard to access if there is an access password or fingerprint check installed. Mobile wallets may also have encrypted keys. Mobile wallets are also useful for retail businesses that experience high volumes of transactions per day because mobile wallets help to reduce wait and payment times. This is a win-win for both the customers and the business.

Blute Technologies offers Mobile Wallet Platform that allows Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Banks and Financial institutions to launch a digital wallet tightly linked to their core systems. This mobile money solution can be rolled out via Agent/CSR led model or online/API registration. User registration and KYC processes required to activate the wallet through mobile devices are extremely easy. Once registered, users can easily send and receive money, merchant payment, etc. from the mobile wallet without using any bank services.

A mobile wallet is a smartphone app that works like an updated version of a traditional payment card. Instead of swiping or dipping their cards, consumers pay by simply tapping their smartphone at a properly-equipped point of sale terminal. The following are some of the features where customers can use a mobile app in a convenient self-service capacity:

  • Deposit balance without the need of a banking account
  • Top-up from bank's ATM network or wire transfers
  • Mobile payments with NFC on Android phones and QR
  • P2P money transfers in between wallet users
  • Discounts, cashbacks and location-based campaigns
  • Installment based easy payment plans to convert any spending to a micro loan

Key Features

User Registration Icon

User Registration

Authorize Bank Account Icon

Authorize Bank Account

Add Balance Icon

Add Balance

Check Balance Status Icon

Check Balance Status

Transfer Cash Icon

Transfer Cash

Pay Bills Icon

Pay Bills

Accept Payments Icon

Accept Payments

See Offers Icon

See Offers

Transaction History Icon

Transaction History

Invite Friends Icon

Invite Friends

Dashboard Icon


New Offers Icon

New Offers

Manage Users Icon

Manage Users

Manage Contacts Icon

Manage Contacts

Add/Block Features Icon

Add/Block Features

Analytics and Reporting Icon

Analytics and Reporting

Geo-location Icon


Data Synchronization Icon

Data Synchronization

Booking Calendar Icon

Booking Calendar

In-app Camera Icon

In-app Camera

Cloud Operations Icon

Cloud Operations

Create Virtual Cards Icon

Create Virtual Cards

Tokenization Icon


Push Notifications Icon

Push Notifications

Digital Receipt Icon

Digital Receipt

Categorization and Portability Icon

Categorization and Portability

Key Functionalities

Mobile Wallet Information Icon


With Customer app, one can transfer money, recharge, book tickets, pay bills, shop online, pay at stores directly from the smartphone, share cash with friends, or send them a reminder to pay back. Apart from the basic feature, a mobile wallet with advanced technology boost the following features:

  • GPS modules for location search
  • Use of Wi-Fi or network data for real-time connectivity
  • Push notification and reminders about offers
  • Coupon codes
  • Loyalty programs offered by retailers
  • Enabling POS mobile wallet payments using NFC, iBeacon, and Bluetooth technology
  • Authentication using fingerprint scanning
  • Transaction history
  • Online payment receipts
  • Merging E-Commerce with Mobile Wallet
Send Money Icon


Transfer (Send/Receive) money from one registered user to another by providing the corresponding users mobile number and the amount. The users can also transfer the cash amount to the other concerned users by entering the account details as well, allowing in making the transactions effective and convenient. Users can also request/receive money from the other users who are associated with the wallet by providing the corresponding user mobile number and amount needed.

  • Balance Status
  • Transfer
  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Authentication
  • Account Holder Information
Pay To Merchants Icon


Pay your merchants within few seconds just by scanning the QR code. No more waiting and sitting tight for receipts. Users can see the offers while making the payment transactions and can redeem the points as well.

  • Balance Status
  • Bill
  • Merchant
  • QR Code
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Digital Receipt
  • Offer/Promotion Code
  • Authentication
  • Apply Offer/Promotion Code
Transaction History Icon


The details of all the transactions made by the users are recorded and are tracked. The user can search for all the transactions with the advance filters form the transaction history.

  • Dash Board
  • Balance Status
  • Account Holder
  • Payment Details
  • Amount
  • Authentication
  • Digital Statement
  • Loyalty Points
  • Redeemed Points

Technologies Used

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Angular Icon


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Elastic Search

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iOS Icon


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Key Benefits

The hospitality industry has gone through a sea change and it caters to millions of tourists and travelers around the globe. If you are into hotel industry, you will be aware that the competition level has exceeded to a much higher degree.

Through hotel mobile app, it is benefiting both the tourist as well as your business. This is one place where the user can get all information under one roof and as such he does not have to consult any other site.

Guests are looking for convenience at their fingertips. The significance of mobile hotel apps has grown rapidly in the recent times with more and more hotels turning to them. The Key Benefits of Our Mobile Wallet Solution Modules include:

  • Contactless Payment: Payment used to be tied to a location. Not anymore. HCE (Host Card Emulation) enables to do faster and easier transactions securely.
  • Installment Management: Enables to choose a payment plan.
  • Budget Planning: Enables customers to log and allocate their finances.
  • Campaign Tracking: Gives the opportunity to get customer insights. Improves loyalty as well as result in higher conversion rates.
  • Social Banking: Allows adapting to the customers' preferred channels where they want to interact.
  • Credit Card Spending Details: Helps to stay within the budget.
  • Accountability: Allows to log into Mobile Wallet statement which can be viewed on the go, anytime, anywhere.
  • Payment Options with QR code or NFC (Near Field Communication): Offers a more convenient way to facilitate mobile payments where customers can walk in and make the payment via digital wallet without having to use a POS machine or cash register.
  • One-stop Solution: Enabling end users to register seamlessly, without going to bank branch, then spend wisely with one-stop solution.
  • Monitoring Expenses: Monitoring expenses, identifying the favorite area on spending and instantly reaching the campaigns in the area of interest where the offers and promotions are viewed and campaign application status is checked.
  • Instant Payment: Paying for purchases in installment splitting up a full payment into smaller bits and pay off at regular intervals over a set period.
  • Manage Loyalty Programs: Enabling customers to manage coupons, loyalty perks, gift cards with integrated loyalty programs and campaigns of Mobile Wallet ecosystem.

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