Smart LocalitySmart Locality Solutions with Emerging Technologies

The Smart Locality Solution is an integrated application which is designed to simplify day to day operation of a community. The application caters different functions for the township management team, residents and visitors with user friendly user-interface for Android and iOS. The objective of this application is provide a simplified platform for residents to engage with Township Management, as well as to add value and convenience to all residents when it comes to various aspects of township amenities and community living. The users of the app have the privileges to expedite the conventional operations method by just referring to one single application.

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Smart Wastage Management

Smart Wastage Management System is an intelligent application platform automates the entire process of Solid Waste Collection and Management.

The Web Application Platform integrates various functions of scheduling and planning, fleet operations, IoT Devices and Sensors - RFID & Bin Sensor, Field Workforce Integration and Reporting. It provides a seamless citizen interface for complaint management.

The Platform provides advanced Geo-Location capabilities and support rich Spatial functionalities that is essential for enabling & optimising Solid Waste Management operations.

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Smart Lighting System

Street lighting is essential to ensure security in urban areas and enhance the quality of life. It also contributes to improving the safety of pedestrians, drivers, and riders. However, the brightness required at different times of the night is different and employing a system to manage the same can result in energy savings and provide cost benefits to municipalities and corporations. For instance, the brightness required during midnight is less compared to that required during the evening. Our automated smart street light management system controls brightness at different times of the night without any manual intervention.

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Smart Security System

The security and surveillance industry is changing, and solutions have moved far past basic alarm monitoring. Live video surveillance and other remote security features have increased visibility for organizations that want to safeguard their people, assets, and buildings. The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping create safer cities, homes, and businesses by enabling both private and public organizations to securely and remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time with smart security and surveillance solutions.

We offer a wide range of Smart Security & Surveillance solutions to our customers that help in keeping track of the location, assets, office premises, campus, etc.

Key components are: ptz-camera, connectivity device, monitoring tool, etc.

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Smart Water Management

Send funds to beneficiary accounts around the world and ensure timely payouts in multiple currencies. Add new payout partners, currencies, and countries and ensure fast processing as well as accurate reporting.

With rapid urbanization and growing water scarcity from climate change, cities are being challenged to deliver water as efficiently as possible as well as balance rising demand with limited supplies and water is perhaps one of the most precious natural resources.

The implementation of smart water management addresses the problems like water leakage detection, watering management through sensors, drinking water quality monitoring, quality control of pools and water reserves, etc. which can be beneficial to the government and the public.

The smart water management solution offers three major components - a grid-based water meter system to automate meter reading, monitors the pipeline network in real time, and rapidly locates pipeline failures to enable leakage analysis.

Our Solutions

Smart Waste Management

Smart Wastage Management System is an intelligent application platform automates the entire process of Solid Waste Collection and Management.

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Smart Lighting

Automated smart street light management system controls the brightness at different times of the night without any manual intervention.

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Intelligent Building

Intelligent Building solution connect and controls operations of the building infrastructure, including alarms, HVAC, lighting, or power using latest technologies.

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